22 April 2008

an afternoon at Phipps

An afternoon spent at Phipps Botanical Gardens sparked my green thumb to life. I love these flowering trees of spring. This one was so gorgeous.

Orchids are such cool flowers. They have such personality. Each one looks like a miniature and intricate work of art.

This is a living wreath. I would love to make one of these to hang on the front door. It uses another of my favorite kind of plants-- sedums or hens and chicks.
As for me, I have been getting into watching The Wire -- we just finished watching Season 1 and now are eagerly awaiting the next netflick shipment. This show is so smart and gritty. I love it!
Working at the theatre 3 days a week for the summer so that I can be in my studio while the weather is warm.
Making new work and revisiting some old things which might morph into new things.
Thinking about photography and sculpture and bright colors and 3 dimensionality.
Trying to read Jumpa Lahiri's new novel but I keep getting interrupted.
Voted in the PA primary today.
Thought about Earth Day and how screwed up the world is right now.
Trying not to eat bread or baked goods in observance of Passover (boy is this hard!!)
Making plans for this year's garden, I have a list about 10 items long.....
Happy Earth Day

10 April 2008

Lately Looking at...

work by the painter, Elizabeth Murray:

Images from Art:21 and the NYTimes.

08 April 2008

revisiting the past

I stumbled upon this cd of images from my MFA thesis exhibit and decided to take a look and prepare them to archive on my website. It's strange to look at this work now that I have some distance from it.- It was such a difficult period of time in my life. I worked so hard on this and had so much mental anxiety. I thought about destroying all of these delicate mobiles and sculptures that I made out of paper when I finished school but I resisted the urge and packed everything away in boxes to return to at some point far off in the future and I guess that day is here. Interesting how time and distance changes your perception.