07 January 2011

Spotlight on...Tracy Miller

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, 2006-2010, Oil on Canvas

The first thing that hits me about your work is the color palette which includes a lot of candy colors. Are these your favorite colors? 
I'm attracted to colors that pop, and the brightest ones are the ones that continue to appear again and again.

What is your studio routine?  Do you have several paintings/projects going on at once? 
Usually, there are about a dozen paintings of various sizes in the studio. They get turned upside down and rotated over time until paint accumulates.

Pig, 2009, Oil on canvas

Do you work from still lives, images, collages? 
I do sometimes look at still lives--flowers, cookbooks, table cloths--but mostly paint without looking at anything.

Aside from the relevant subject matter, where do you find inspiration?
Visiting landscapes with real horizon lines, bakeries, riding in cabs, wandering through the Met, walking in NYC.

Did you always want to be an artist and how has your career developed?
When I was 5, I received two artist smocks for my birthday and knew I wanted to be an artist. When I was an undergraduate and thought it was too impractical to take a painting class, everything clicked while painting 5 yellow cars outside the window.

What is the most interesting, engaging part of making your work?
Being in the middle of the mess of paintings and seeing colors and textures pop with surprise is where it all makes sense.

Anything about your work that you don't enjoy doing but you have to do it to get to the good stuff?
If someone else could wash my brushes and stretch canvas, I'd be thrilled.

 Dolly Mountain, 2009, Oil on Canvas

What are you working on now?
More food paintings.

What philosophy or words do you live? 
I try not to worry too much about getting everything done everyday but know that over time it will all work out. It helps to keep the panic away.

Visit Tracy's website and her upcoming show at Feature Inc. in NYC from January 19 through February 13, 2011.

Thanks Tracy!