26 September 2009

Dirty Projectors: your llama rocks my world

I'm totally digging the Dirty Projectors in a way I haven't thought or cared about a band since high school. Even my resident musical expert (who has exceedingly high standards) was rapt with attention when we watched the group on Letterman and commented several times on the "amazing vocal harmony."

It's only once in a blue moon when I hear a sound that makes me stop in my tracks and think wow, that is fresh and quirky and unusual......the Dirty Projectors have got it goin' on!

Lawrenceville Pool Party on Sept. 12

Here was the scene in Lawrenceville a couple of weekends ago when a group of accordian players made a party in the abandoned Leslie Park Pool.

17 September 2009

Shepard Fairey continued....

(Above) Obey--on the side of 5515 Penn Ave. (my old studio)
(Below) Side of the Sprout Fund Building on Penn Ave.
Shepard Fairey strikes again. I love love love these wheat pasted murals.
Don't forget-- his opening at the Warhol Museum on October 17. He'll be giving an artist talk at 6!

Shepard Fairey: Supply & Demand
October 17, 2009 - January 31, 2010

12 September 2009

One of the most impressive things I saw this summer....

...does not have to do with the usual things I write about in this blog. It has to do with PORK!

Last Saturday D and I had a day immersed in nature. We drove to Ohiopyle State Park and rented bikes. We rode 9 miles along the Youghiogheny River, ate lunch in Confluence and then headed back. When we arrived, we checked out the little town, some of the hiking trails, the waterfall and the small festival along the river. It was there, behind a food cart that we happened upon 2 huge barrel cookers, one of which was billowing a roasty pork smell. A man was standing there looking in charge so we asked him, "what's in the cooker?"
As he lifted the lid a huge billow of white smoke wafted out and then.... we saw this.........

An entire pig being roasted! It was quite a sight, and being the nice Jewish girl that I am-- one that I have never before set eyes upon. In general, I try to stay pork free but D is known to indulge from time to time.....
Luckily, he was able to see this pig, and get a sample too.

11 September 2009

Lately Looking at: M/M Paris

Design duo: M/M Paris mixes illustration, typography and photography to create dreamy, drippy, dynamic works.

Shepard Fairey, part one

Okay, so I've been really busy and taking an extended hiatus from writing on my blog for the summer. But now I'm back with an ever growing list of subjects to blog about. At the top of that list, Shepard Fairey's awesome murals popping up on buildings all around the city. For 3 weeks already, I've been planning on taking my camera on a scouting trip to find and photograph these beauties- but guess what, I just haven't had the time.....so after a quick google image search I came up with the next best thing- other people's pictures. I promise to get out there and shoot some photos of other locations as soon as possible. But in the meantime, feast your eyes on these:

Photos courtesy of Stepanie Casey

This is all just a teaser for the opening of the solo exhibit he's having at the Warhol Museum in October (October 17- January 31)....I can hardly wait!

09 September 2009

Pennsylvania's budget woes got you down? Do something about it by clicking the image below!

artless wednesday in PA