22 February 2007


Can anyone tell me why I am so excited about this??
I don't know but I got the postcard in the mail and I was squealing like a little girl!
Check out the new MAC Barbie Cosmetics here.
I love that pink lipstick!

This past week I have been craving Anderson's bbq roast beef sandwiches,and have indulged in them twice-- once on Tuesday, I had a bbq beef on a soft roll with a chocolate milkshake (don't tell the rabbi!!). Today, I had the same sandwich with a loganberry and curly fries. This is quintessential Buffalo summer fare. Maybe I was feeling the need for summer this week! It's so weird for me to be craving meat though!!

The other thing I have been obsessing about-- locating the nice vegetable peeler I have packed up in a box from my old apartment. I would like to give this veg. peeler to D. because his, one of these days, is going to take half my finger off!
And after rummaging around for a bit, I found it! Yeah-- I think it's funny that I'm planning on staying in Pittsburgh for awhile and the biggest thing I'm worried about is a carrot peeler.

Notice the new header!! I had to go through a few tries to get it to work. I wanted to make it wider but I couldn't figure it out! I love it though! I have this very adorable mini Japanese calendar from 1998 that has tiger pictures (that's where the picture is from) then I added the title and altered the background color and added the pink dots. The flower was originally blue.