28 May 2007

Mondays Blues on a Beautiful Spring Day

I have been SO lazy today I can't believe it! Went to the gym, then came home and had a lay down. Ate breakfast and had a laydown. Took a shower and had a laydown. Planted one hanging basket and had a laydown. BLAH. It is so gorgeousa outside and, I am feeling slightly blase about life, art and what to do today. For the last couple of weeks, I have been working to make our backyard more garden friendly, doing a little spring cleaning although, from the room I'm sitting in, you could not tell. Dreaming about going on an exotic vacation to mark the occasion of entering my 30th year on the planet next month.

Things I have been thinking about recently:
Buying a compost bin
the articles I read in last sunday's new york times magazine special on "eco-architecture" which I found fascinating and now misplaced the magazine.
cleaning the bathtub
buying a new shower curtain
cleaning the kitchen floor
making some art
becoming a member of the Carnegie Museum
becoming a member of Pittsburgh Filmmakers
the polar ice caps melting
cooking like Martha Stewart
Bjork's new album
Icelandic art
friends I haven't talked to in a while
positive people