08 October 2007

Indian Summer

It's already the 8th of October.

What have I been up to?

Went to Washington DC for a weekend and saw my Great Aunt and Uncle and my good friend Honey!
Had lots of fun, ate lots of yummy food, saw some art, and had great company!

Been back to work at the theatre, avoiding the studio like it's the plague. Just haven't felt like going lately.
Read The Road in 2 days. More on this later. Excited about doing some fixing up and painting in the house. Got a beautiful new fridge!!!! and am loving it! since it has a light, and removable shelves, and humidity control! Yay! and is not a swimming pool like the old fridge!

Next project, paint the kitchen and put shelves up on two walls.

Bought blinds for D's office and hung them, and some pictures on the wall-- felt very capable and good!

Going to Florida this weekend.