19 December 2007

a fine howdoyoudo

Hello readers.
Tonight, I had the great idea to brighten up one of my newer pastel drawings because I was really itching to do some work. Since my studio doesn't have heat-- I set up a work space in the spare bedroom-- what we also call the green room as it is painted...you guessed it- green. So, despite low lighting conditions and small work table I did what I wanted to do on the drawing and was starting to clean up when I pushed the brand new box of beautiful Rembrandt pastels which are so nice and smooth, up to the top of the desk where they promptly fell over the edge and some smashed and crumbled to pieces on the floor. I just sat in my chair for a minute and felt so sad and mad at myself and then I got over it and tried to put them back into there little foam compartments as best I could. Bummer.