07 May 2008

More on Matthew Monahan

Matthew Monohan's sculptures, which I saw at the Carnegie International use materials in very unusual ways. The International has 4 or 5 statuettes and large columnar figures. The human body is carved very realistically in some places and indecipherable in others, like ancient Greek or Roman statuary. Also, one of the figures was sandwiched between two tall pieces of glass and held together with one of those bungee cord- like flat ribbon ropes with a metal buckle. I'm not sure what they are called. They reminded me of artefacts you might find in a shipwreck, frozen in time. They were carved out of huge blocks of floral foam and painted to look like granite or other carvable material and give the illusion that they way tons when floral foam is just that-- foam! Very interesting!

Check out the Carnegie Museum blurb on artist Matthew Monahan or here