11 December 2008

I am the notebook

I just bought some new Moleskine notebooks today and decided to look at their website. What loveliness it is to peek into someone else's thoughts and images.

Pablo Picasso (1881–1973)
Cahier No. 40
Approx. 1906 - 1907

71 pages of pencil and ink drawings.
Even the cover of a simple notebook becomes a space
for expression and statement – to identify with one’s own
cahier, to perceive oneself as a blank page, to merge with
one’s own sketches and notes: “I am the notebook” -
revolutionary poetics in just four words.
Printed front cover with handwriting:
Je Suis Le Cahier appartenant à Monsieur Picasso,
peintre, 12 Rue Ravignant, Paris XVIIIe.

Photo and caption: "Je Suis Le Cahier",
The Sketchbooks of Picasso,
The Atlantic Monthly Press New York, 1986.