27 January 2009

"tough times never last but tough people do"

Here are 3 of 8 brand new collages I am currently working on.

These are on the smaller side, approx. 8x11 inches. I have made a total mess- cutting up papers- and creating a huge pile of clippings and and scraps all over the futon and floor of my home studio.

I'm loving creating these because I don't think about it, I just do it. Tiny pieces emerge out of the mess and settle in to some kind of balance on the paper. It's a very meditative practice. These are going to go through a couple more stages of drawing and painting before being finished.

I watched 2 films this week that were polar opposites but equally inspiring:
How to Draw a Bunny, a documentary about the amazing collage artist who committed suicide in 1995, Ray Johnson, and Rivers and Tides, a documentary about artist/sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. Ray Johnson was very tuned in to pop culture- and created these really multi-layered, kooky collages, works on paper and correspondences, while Goldsworthy is all about the energy and flow of materials- he works with stones, ice, leaves, flowers to create site specific installations in nature. Part of their existence is the act of their destruction- the ice melts, the pile of stones caves in, the web of branches falls down. And he just gets up and starts all over again. He is a very mellow, solitary figure with his work.
I'm also nearing the end of season 2 of 6 feet under. I love seeing Claire trying out photography and her slow realization that it's something that fits her despite all the negativity coming from her teacher and brothers.

Here is a great story on NPR about Bob Raglan, a Denver artist who is recession proof and proud of it.


(photo: collage with cutouts/ for sale on Friday)

I am getting excited for the girl's night out event at City Theatre on Friday night (1.30.09) where Laurie and I will have a table set up selling our wares. I have handmade scarves, art cards, and a couple of augmented books, and Laurie has handmade crocheted wire earrings and small drawings. If you are in the neighborhood- stop in and say hi, 7pm-8pm at:
City Theatre, 1300 Bingham St., Pittsburgh PA 15203.