16 May 2009

Elise Rugolo and Adrienne Borkowski at the Framery

Elise and Adrienne have a lovely show up at the Framery in Lawrenceville.

Elise Rugolo creates small square collage paintings. Elise is a wonderful colorist who favors rich ruby reds, oranges and peacock blues. Her palette is accentuated by the surface patina she creates using cut paper, pattern, bits of fabric and yarn, spots of paint and wax.

Adrienne Borkowski creates cigar box assemblages containing found objects from nature and handmade objects. Using boxes and small glass flasks, Adrienne's work reminded me of mysterious evidence found, collected and contained.

(Image: Elise Rugolo, The Old Neighborhood, Acrylic, collage, digital transfer on birch)

The Framery:
4735 Butler St
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
(412) 687-2102