05 June 2007

fruits of the earth

This summer I have my very own vegetable patch!! Here is some romaine lettuce and basil growing in pots. I have a variety of things growing-- I planted tomatoes in the ground. Cherry tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, and red and yellow peppers in pots.

We have this crazy patch of cacti in the backyard. I never knew cactus could grow in the Northeast but apparently it does. I went outside and this flower opened in the midst of the killer cactus spikes. I remember seeing pictures from the desert last year when the ground was covered with these cacti in flower-- it was quite stunning and there are more on the way. I'm not showing a wide angle of all the cacti because it is overgrown with weeds and a huge mess. But they are really cool if you can ignore the messy parts.
I went to the farmers market today and bought beautiful strawberries, green onions for 75 cents, and red leaf lettuce for $1.50.

Happy Tuesday!