09 July 2007

Great ideas

I can't believe it's already July 9. The summer is in full swing and it looks like I'm not going to go on an exotic vacation-- maybe next year......

I only saw highlights from the Live Earth concerts but I think they are such a great idea and I really hope it raises more awareness and action! I love the badge and banners they have on the website too- notice the addition to the right.

We've been doing a lot of work around the house. We pulled up a gross carpet in D's office and uncovered nice hardwood floor and painted the room blue. It looks beautiful! Now, I'm planning on painting the spare bedroom/my office two shades of green. One wall will be a Behr shade called "Pesto" and the other 3 walls will offset it with "Desert Cactus." Those Behr paint people know how to make a really nice website!

I have been trying to set up my studio as well. Luckily, D and I were driving down the street and saw a wooden door in someone's garbage- so we grabbed it. It will make a great workspace tabletop. Then, we were driving down another street and saw a wooden desk on the street and nabbed two of the shallow drawers which I'm using as containers for art supplies and paper. They are swell! Later this week, a friend is going to come over and build drywall for me- so I have a more private space and then I can get busy! It will be super!

PS: You must go see Ratatouille, it is delightful!!