29 July 2007

little ideas

I have started writing here 3 separate times and then lose interest and leave for a few days and then return and delete what I had started and not finished. I'm sitting upstairs in my newly painted green room listening to a rehearsal going on downstairs. People are singing the same phrases, practicing-- I can't sleep, I can't eat......I never knew someone could be sooo sweet.....
Perfecting their technique.

I bought a few ingredients to make zucchini bread using the two ginormous zucchini's we got from Erica's crate o' veggies. We get to pick up this crate of veggies that are delivered fresh from a farm while Erica and Denver are away on vacation for 3 weeks. The fridge is fully stocked plus the tomatoes I'm growing in the backyard are starting to ripen--- so I feel a little overwhelmed with produce at the moment.

I had a great studio day on Friday-- I have been having a really hard time getting to the studio for all sorts of reasons. Then, once I'm there, I'm not sure what to do, where to start. I think it's a pretty common feeling amongst creative people. But Friday was great because I brought some new materials to work with and just let myself have fun not expecting anything great or even remotely good to happen. When I felt bored I moved on to something new. For some reason, polar bears and igloos seem to be on my brain. Not sure where that will take me but those two items have been resurfacing repeatedly. The studio is feeling more comfortable now-- I have a new wall with a doorway that makes it more private and room- like. I still have a few more items on my wishlist that will make it super duper! Each time I go there, the first thing I do is draw a picture of a fish in a small sketchbook. It's like a daily ritual- and gives me an excercise to warm up with and a way to have something to do immediately when I arrive.

Otherwise, everyone at my work was reading Harry Potter last weekend and I felt left out so Kellee was nice enough to lend me book 3, which is where I left off reading way back when. It's fun to get back into reading the books- and they are such an engrossing read. I love the way JK Rowling creates this parallel universe- I would love to sit down and have a conversation with her about her creative process. I wonder what she will write about next?

Ernesto, if you are out there- I have been thinking about you and wondering if you have a wee Mendoza yet!!!