15 August 2007

i am a walking faucet

Well, after a weekend away in Boston and New Hampshire for Brenda and Tom's wedding- I came home Sunday and promptly got sick.
It is now Wednesday and I am still a stuffy snotty mess. This was supposed to be my art-making studio week and it's turned into my "I need to take a nap and drink lots of fluids" week. What's a girl to do.

Anyhoo- here is a summary of the weekend.
, our flight was delayed for FOUR hours and some of my beloved beauty products were confiscated because I forgot about the 4 oz. + plastic bag rule. :( When we finally did arrive in Boston, we picked up the rental car and hightailed it over to the waterfront where we grabbed lunch at Quincy Market, ice cream at Emack & Bolio's (YUM) and then went to the ICA which is AWESOME!! The building was designed be Diller + Scofidio and is really slick, the /front/ hangs out over the water and there is a deck and stadium style platform seating situated outside underneath an extended part of the museum. When you're inside, you look out the window onto the harbor and feel like you're right over the water. When you're sitting outside, it's sheltered and cool and it will be a great place for events and music. Inside, the walls and floors curve into each other instead of being at right angles. When you are in the galleries, you sometimes steal glances through the glass windows to other floors, other galleries or the water outside. On view -a great photography exhibit of works by Philip Lorca di Corcia which gathered together several different bodies of his work- street photos, heads, hustlers, and strippers. It was a great survey and I was really struck by his ingenius use of lighting and composition.
Also on view, Louis Bourgeois- sculptures and drawings. Including a room with a gigantic sculpture of a spider-- that the viewer walks under. It was quite incredible!
After the gallery, we went to Doug's cousin's house in Wellesely where we had a great dinner outside with grilled fish and steak. Then to sleep.
Friday and Saturday were wedding festivity days. Brenda was a gorgeous bride in a strapless ivory colored gown that gathered diagonally along the bodice. Saturday consisted of taking loads and loads of pictures-- the actual wedding ceremony, where we all cried and then the reception and celebration in a barn at the inn. We ate a lot of food, frolicked in the midst of the White Mountains of Chocorua and met a lot of family.
Sunday, we had a final brunch in the barn-- said our goodbyes to the wedding party and drove back to Boston. We had some time before our flight so we walked over to the North End and had a delicious lunch of calamari meatballs-- and homemade pasta with calamari in white wine sauce. It was delish! We polished that off with a latte and a break at a cafe and then headed to the airport.

Unfortunately, I woke up in the middle of the night Sunday with a sore throat and swollen glands and have been a sicky ever since. I'm kind of bummed out that I am not able to fulfill my image of myself spending hours in my studio and creating but I've learned the hard way that my health comes first.

Meanwhile, the garden was prolific in its output of tomatoes while we were gone. I spent this afternoon trying to make pasta sauce and I still didn't use up all the tomatoes.

Things I'm thinking about:
A brand new wardrobe
Yummy treats
painting the bedroom
ways to decorate the spare bedroom on a budget