31 August 2007

the scent of fall

Today, we had lunch at one of my favorite places, Cafe du Jour. They have this gorgeous patio outside. It's like a hidden, sunken garden. Even though it's not sunken! It is decorated with stone figures and wall hangings. It's super cool. I love gardens that look kind of wild and secret.
They have some tomatoes and flowers growing by the brick walls, a little water fountain and this fabulous pseudo sculpture garden pictured at right.........
I love it!
Plus, they have delicious food! I had roasted veggies over polenta.

So, it's a holiday weekend and we are probably going to take a ride in the country on Monday- the other day in the car I had the distinct urge to ride out to the country and get a whiff of cow poop on the air! Don't ask me why?! It's a mystery. Saturday and Sunday I will go to my studio and decide what to do next. I think I need to go to the zoo to see the polar bears in action and take some pictures of them.
I went to an art opening tonight at Carnegie Mellon. One exhibit was Dee Briggs, a metal sculptor. My favorite pieces were the paper maquettes (miniature models) of her torqued flat forms. There was one large floor standing sculpture that was made of steel and was like a 3 dimensional line drawing of a squiggle shape. A second sculpture was suspended from the ceiling and created a graceful delicate shadow drawing on the wall.
In the upstairs gallery, was the furniture design of Nakashima-- it was very finely crafted, beautiful furniture with inlaid wood, triangle joints.... I don't know much about wood-working or the terminology but these pieces were very simple and elegant and well made. A lovely example of form following function.

Ugh- off to clean the green room and make some drawings!