12 January 2008

activities & inspirations for today

I often check in on Simply Breakfast for some inspiration. Here is a picture of our breakfast from this morning. I bought a sack of blood oranges from trader joe's yesterday. They taste delicious and their color is a beautiful ruby red. Below is a detail of a greeting card I bought a while ago, it looks like me!!!

Catching up on some overdue work. This morning I spray-fixed some finished drawings outside on the porch. The sun is streaming through the railing.

Behind me is this view of Pittsburgh's South Side from our deck, across the Mononghahela River. It's pretty nice today! Brisk!
Last but not least, here is some new work in progress:
I've been on this Arctic animal kick lately with the polar bears, and now, I'm trying to fashion a Walrus sculpture. It doesn't look like much right now. It has a chicken wire base and then I was doing some pseudo paper mache over the chicken wire-- which incidentally is not one of my favorite materials to work with.....it hurts my hands. Plus, I'm sewing the different pieces together with wire which is very cumbersome and awkward. But, hopefully one of these days it will begin to develop a personality and the look of a walrus.
That's it for now! Happy Saturday.