09 January 2008


This is the last painting in the Hopper exhibit at the National Gallery in DC. While D and I were there with Honey, D made a very observant comment that this painting - made towards the end of Hopper's painting career and his life, is pared down to the essential elements, the essence. A very apt observation. (I had a teacher at Otis College of Art and Design that gave us multiple step projects having to do with building on an idea or element and then reducing it down to it's fundamental essence). Sometimes, those lessons pop up in my mind like a buoy in an ocean. It seems like life does this-- and as we get older the things that become most important to us change and gain clarity. The other night I had dessert with a friend and I was worrying about getting a second job and having enough money yet still having time to make art and let my brain play. My friend said, take advantage of the freedom you have right now-- I don't have kids, I have a day job that is just that-- not very taxing with a lot of flexibility. She said, you are in an enviable position. And I've been thinking about that a lot because it took me a decade to get to a place in my heart, spirit and mind that would allow me to just enjoy life, not worry too much, and make peace with being an artist instead of running away from it-- (which I sometimes still do). Funny how life changes. I'm not living the vision I had for myself when I was younger-- but I realize that vision was slightly more mainstream than I want to be. I think I'm living something better-- closer to my values and beliefs.

I love that it's a new year right now and a fresh start, a clean canvas. Who knows what 2008 will bring?! It's pretty exciting! Even a new president! Here is my polar bear on an iceberg made of cardboard.