04 February 2009

"Just keep making your stuff and they can’t ignore you forever"

Important words for any creative person to keep in your back pocket! That's a quote from this interview with Chicago artist, Heather Mekkelson on the Chicago Artist Resource website, or CAR. Even though I am not a Chicago resident, I think this website is a fantastic compilation of ideas, inspiration, opportunities and information. I have sent the folks at CAR email extolling the virtues of their good work, twice! And they even wrote me back, twice-- which made me happy and cemented their high status in my book of cool organizations. Which brings me to my newest task for this blog-- to compile a list of places on the web to go to when in need of a little extra oomph and a daily dose of inspiration.

I wish I was one of those people who is eternally optimistic and focused on accomplishing what needs to be done. In reality however, I sometimes forget the little steps I need to take to get me where I want to go. Some days, I feel sunny and exuberant and other days, I feel like a total failure- like nothing is working out, blah blah blah-- my brain just runs circles around itself and I have to try to pull myself out of that rut that I create.

Then, I blog about my blues and feel better.