29 February 2008

Sink spit up

as in gross blockage accumulating in the basement sink. Resulting in me having to take two loads of laundry around the block to the laundromat. Snow is falling falling all day. I'm wearing my winter hat with the flaps, looking around the internet, and just put a batch of brownies in the oven.
Bummer man, I just heard that Polaroid is not going to make instant film anymore. I was already wondering what to do with the I-zone and the Joycam since they don't make film for those anymore either.

The picture above is from an interesting article on NPR titled: Eroded Oregon Coast Yields Once-Sunken Surprises. It made me want to go there to photograph the landscape.

Speaking of photography, there was a really interesting article in the NY Times Home and Garden section about Gallerist Jen Bekman and how she got her start. Hope this link to the article works!