07 March 2008

about to scream!

I'm sitting here reading Ketzel Levine's Talking Plants blog.
The day has escaped me. It's rainy, gloomy, grumpy out. This week was wacky with 2 days of jury duty, 2 days of work and today, a day of trying to get along with various computer media and failing. I was attempting to transfer Zip disk files onto CD and although I have all the pertinent equipment-- the computer did not like what I was asking it to do and answered my call by moving very very very slowly and making 5000 windows whenever I tried to move something.
Oh well, the nice thing is-- I got 2 new tea flavors, ginger and white tea with pomegranate and now I'm going to work on my purple dress project- it's almost finished and I will have a picture to show for it soon.
As far as art is concerned, I'm so frustrated as it is very cold in the studio and at this point I'm waiting for the warmth of spring to allow me to get back to work. I have thought so much over the winter about what I'm doing and worked on all the administrative items I could and now I'm ready to dig in. It will be nice to see the garden grow as well!
and with that here is to spring blooming. (image from flickr)