08 March 2008

100s of robins

The other day, we drove through Schenley Park and there were hundreds of Robins on the ground waiting for spring to arrive. Right now, it is blustery and snowy and cold out-- it started suddenly this morning with tiny hail balls that quickly turned to wet snow. But fear not, Spring is on its way. I'm having a lovely morning, slept in, had a cappuccino and now, I'm listening to Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland and writing these words.

Last night, we saw the play, A Number, which was very good. The set was wonderful. Stacks of file boxes surround the stage and create the walls of an apartment. The stacks were of varying heights and made you think of a city skyline as well as endless files stacked up. At a scene change- one of the characters steps off the stage in the front onto the file boxes and the spotlights go out while lights go on under the stage and a few of the file boxes have lights in them-- like windows in buildings. It was a very cool effect.