27 March 2008

knitting the blues

I am knitting this dress and have been for the past year. It is nearly complete-- the only part that is left is the top hem which I made too large and had to rip out. Hopefully it will be done in the next week and we can have one semi cool day so that I can wear it! It is uber cute.

(photo from the Anthropologie catalog)
I had a grand plan to try to grow my hair into some resemblance of this coif. But, my hair is not cooperating---- I can't handle it once it passes a certain length of about 2 inches, especially right in the front-- it just starts becoming poofy and wiry.

In sad news, a dear friend of my family passed away this week from stomach cancer.
Carol, wherever you are-- you meant so much to us and your smiling face, wise words and gentle nature will be missed more than you know. I love you.