05 September 2006

Look Up Lift Up

Hello Friends. Here is a test pic for the bird beak pictures. I have taken a few pictures but still need to edit them. I think I might have had a mini breakthrough in my studio today. But first, let me tell you about the title of this post. I have a studio in the Church Building-- a converted church (one would assume) there are two stained glass windows in the front. One has a picture of an anchor and the other has these words, look up.lift up. going around a circle with a red plus sign. It's one of the first things I saw when I walked in and up the stairs. I've been repeating the phrase like a mantra. I take it to mean, look towards the sky or God or Heaven and feel brighter or uplifted or It's lighter than you think. I just really like the ideas it brings to mind and the first thing I did after I unpacked all my supplies was to cut up some brightly colored origami paper and make those words.

Anyhoo- breakthrough in the studio-- I didn't really have that much time to work today because I slept through my alarm (a whole other story) BUT I was doing some work and a fellow artist came in and asked to borrow a sharpie and complimented what I was doing-- I felt great about that and then I just had this major release- as though I could really play and have fun and throw caution to the wind and work instinctively. The work I made today was really loose and wild compared to yesterday's tight nervous work. It was very exciting- I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Everyone has meals together in a dining room and the conversations are really fascinating-- the general meet and greet is always what's your name?, where are you from? have you been here before? but sometimes, you get into a deeper conversation about process or materials. I listened to a writer talk about index
Meanwhile, I bought myself a present today-- there is a yarn shop in town and I bought a beautiful skein or yarn that has reds and greys. I plan on making a scarf.

So- I overslept and missed breakfast. I went for a bike ride and rode past a covered bridge over a river and some old New England-y run-down Victorian homes.