01 September 2006

Solid Gold

Happy September 1st!
I am puttering around surfing the internet when I should be packing up my belongings. I had a superb day today filled with riding my bike all over town. Having coffee at cafe aroma, my morning ritual, where the hot firemen stopped to get coffee and were flirting with all the girls. I went to the downtown library. I picked out two books on tape, and three books, Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Plant Dreaming Deep by May Sarton, and Mrs. Dalloway - Virginia Woolf. At one point this afternoon, the chain fell off my bike and I didn't know how to fix it-- I thought, maybe I should call Douglas or Jim, or go ask my neighbor across the street for help. But then, I thought I can do this-- and I figured out how to do it and felt like a super rockstar! Then I came home and made some chicken and threw all these different ingredients together!
If you want to see a feat of beautiful baking please hop over to Honey's blog and look at the gorgeous tarts she made for her best friend's baby shower.
OK-- I have to go get to it!
ps. i forgot to mention that the pictures are of my shovel for the Artspace groundbreaking!
pps.tonight, I went to the gusto at the gallery to catch the Petah Coyne exhibit before it ends. It wasn't really that compelling for me although there were a few moments when I discovered something up close that I wouldn't have seen had I not inspected closer-- like the angelic white face of what looks like the virgin Mary, hidden away beneath a veil of black silk flowers and feathers-- facing the corner closest to where the sculpture stood- so you had to walk around to see it. Or the giant woven hair sculpture with trapped taxidermied ducks.
Anyhoo, my FAVORITE moments of the night-- seeing the tiny paper and card board mock-up of the Jim Hodges sculpture that was trucked here and actually weighs about 9 tons and then walking oustide and seeing it in the courtyard-- and looking over it to see the light installation by Leo Villareal-- that is by far my most favorite thing at the gallery. They are white lights on a grid that are programmed to light up randomly and in patterns on one glass wall of the auditorium which looks black because of the treatment of the glass. This installation is so beautiful- I could watch it for hours. The other really cool, newly installed piece is the Rachel Whiteread sculpture of the fire escape. It's massive and commands your attention and inspection.
Now Im tired-- I know I left some details out of my descriptions, but I have to go do some more packing, more later!