08 September 2006

the rhythms of daily life

I'm learning lots about the way I work, my rythms and habits.
I like to make a mess. Sometimes, I have a short attention span and like to dabble at several things simultaneously. I like to work in the morning and at 11 I get antsy and have to go for a hot drink at the cutie pie coffee shop next door and read or write to clear my head then return to do a little more dabbling.
I'm learning that it's ok to sit in the studio and read or knit or just stare into space without doing anything in particular. These are all things I never really acknowledged before.
It's ok to not have a grand idea to really sink my teeth into...there is freedom in exploring, experimenting, and having a sense of playfulness. I have felt a definite letting go since I've arrived here---
like a breath of fresh air blowing through all the dusty corners and cleaning everything out.