26 October 2006

happy thoughts

It's been a long hard week, or two. This is the pile of leaves and tree limbs in front of my house from the freak Friday the 13th snow storm. It just got picked up the other day. I went around and took a few pictures of my neighborhood. There are still a lot of fleets of tree trucks driving around picking up the mess. Although the sun is out and its beautiful-- it's really sad to see all the tree destruction and it's going to take a long time for them to grow back to their full green leafy majesty. We were lucky because we didn't lose electricity but a lot of friends did.

Otherwise, I have been spending my days at Cafe Aroma on the internet or working at odd jobs while I wait to move into my brand new studio space. oh yeah, did I mention I rented some brand new studio space!! on Exchange St. in Buffalo!! I will be happy to the point of doing the dance of joy when I can have a private studio with my own door. Then, I can make the little nook at home where I was working, into a reading nook and I won't feel so claustrophobic.
Otherwise, I am not feeling at the peek of happiness these days. But I'm working on getting my spirits up.