27 October 2006

the times are a changin'

First, look how cute this graphic is. Second, I didn't see the finale but for a little while was obsessed with watching the marathon afternoons of this. And lastly, by chance I saw the 2 brilliant episodes of Casanova on PBS's Masterpiece Theatre and am craving more. Honey writes a beautiful description of the program to which I will add this: It is overthetop, forward thinking, musical theatre on tv, brilliantly and opulently designed...wonderfully acted by David Tennant as the youthful Casanova and told in remembrances by the older Casanova by Peter O'toole. Tennant has such spritely charm and charisma- you want him to fall in love with you. The story is told with imagination, extraordinary design, storytelling and acting. Don't miss out!
Otherwise, I spent part of my day today observing some highschool kids at the next table over in the coffehouse where I was working on my website. The kids were pulling out their phones, blackberries and talking about talking online last night. I thought wow, times have changed so much since I was in High School. I don't think of myself as old at all-- I feel very youthful and try to nurture my inner little kid if not for creative purposes then just to remind myself of who I was when things were simpler. As I watched these kids with their technology I felt like the world has changed so much in my lifetime and how it will continue to change. I used to be so fearful of change, I was afraid of the unkown, but I learned how to really embrace it and look forward to it because I spent so much time feeling stagnant and depressed in all areas of my life, that everyone was moving forward without me. If you think about it everything in the world is changing every second of every day...the cars keep moving, the people keep walking on the street, I keep typing a new word. We need change to keep growing and learning.