06 October 2006

A Parting Gift

Last night, I went to a lecture at the Albright Knox Gallery by artist, Andrea Zittel. Then, this morning, I saw her in Starbucks and I told her how much I enjoyed her talk. I think she is really shy, and I'm sort of shy- so the conversation was a bit short. I asked if she would be around for a few days and she was leaving in 15 minutes. I think she is very smart and interesting and I would have liked to have picked her brain a bit and asked her more about her career. Maybe next time. The Gallery was MOBBED! It was a free friday and the opening of Andrea's exhibit, Critical Space, which I didn't have to time to see yet. She said something interesting about the back story/ stories surrounding her work being more interesting than the work itself-- because she is so engaged in the process of making the thing-- the audience doesn't have the same experience of the piece. She is constantly struggling with this disconnect. I thought that was a great point.

My Mom and I had a very intense discussion about Grey's Anatomy. I said that I know I should want Meredith to be with Finn, the vet, because he's the better guy all around and Dr. Shepard has just been a total asshole-- however, Meredith and McDreamy have such chemistry-- and the program has invested a lot more time into McDreamy + Meredith while Finn seems really new. I know Honey will not agree with me on this because she probably thinks Dr. Shepard is just a total jackass. oh well.

One more bit about tv-- I am so happy that Campbell Scott is on tv, while I was sick I watched Singles two days in a row. Then, Campbell Scott pops up on this new show, 6 degrees....which is produced by JJ Abrams, same guy that brought us Alias and Felicity. LOVE Campbell Scott!! I have no idea why I like him in this program, because to be honest, the one episode I saw-- really didn't wow me, but Campbell Scott-- his mouth reminds me of a snapping turtle. Cambell Scott is sexy with a snapping turtle mouth!
ha ha ha hah ahahaaaaaaa.
Ok, enough of all that!
I can't wait to get my haircut next week Friday! It is getting too long (for me) and poofy.
At 2pm today I will get in the car and drive towards the land of Pittsburgh to visit the one and only Douglas Levine. Very excited about that. I think we're going to a play tonight.

In Conclusion, I believe the mystery person from the past was the lucky recipient of one leggo phone many moons ago in a distant land called 'da cuse.' If I'm right, I would like to say I'm very excited to hear from you and would yell WHERE the heck have you been ???? because I tried to track you down many times without success. If I'm wrong-- then please leave another clue!