11 October 2006

Yay for Ernesto!

OK, Ani Defranco is in the cafe where I am and she's pregnant. I think I knew this but it's kind of interesting to see. This is my second brush with stardom in the last week, weird (Andrea Zittel was the first). So- I spent the day today giving my website a makeover. It's not done yet. I still have to add images to some of the pages and freshen it up a bit. I decided to take some of the pages away, like the about and calendar pages, because I don't think anyone really cares. I also made a very difficult decision to axe my stats counter. It was driving me crazy. Maybe in the future I'll add it again, but I didn't know how to transfer it over and I don't want to keep obsessively looking at it to see who's looking.
Speaking of looking, I am looking for new studio space! I called a couple of places today but nothing concrete yet. The studio space has to be cheap, with lots of light, clean, well cared for, and have a good vibe. I have to be able to fit my drafting table and a large table in it at least. .....
I had a crazy dream the other night where I was living in this very small space where all my belongings were crammed into a corner and all of a sudden I discovered all these extra rooms and hidden nooks. I turned a corner and there was a Chinese cabinet with all sorts of drawers, shelves, cubes, and again, hidden nooks and crannies. I think it has something to do with hidden parts of the psyche-- especially artistically, I have to inhabit more space. I also think it has to do with my constant qualm about my work of late- which is that I'm searching for a subject matter.
I am excited to see what happens on Lost tonight- it's a perfect dark and stormy day to watch a program like Lost. There is something in me that doesn't allow me to believe that Jack's wife would sleep with his father. I think Jack's paranoia pushed him to believe it but I don't think it really happened.
Anyhoo- I'm so excited that my good buddy Ernesto has found me-- and I hope you email me with your life story up to the present moment including where you live now and what you're up to.....as soon as humanly possible!!