19 August 2006

fashion find of the week

Greetings! Friday, I went to get my haircut and this was my example photo. The lovely Ms. Jean Seberg from Breathless. I love her sixties style and the eye makeup.

Check out these totally amazing creampuff shoes Jill bought at Shoefly!
They are definitely the fashion find of the week. Friday night, I helped Jill at the Elmwood Ave. Block Party-- lots of people stopped by and my eyes got to soak in beautifully dyed yarns all night.

I am now in Pittsburgh for the weekend visiting DL. Last night we went to his friend's house for a little party for someone who just moved back to Pittsburgh from NYC. The house was really beautiful and I ate hor's d'oeurves (sp?) all night long! Everyone was asking how D and I met (on Jdate.com) and as I was explaining this a really nice young couple who met on Friendster and are now engaged told us their online dating success story. It was pretty funny. She is a costume designer and he is a filmmaker/film teacher. Again, proof that the internet is crazy!
Anyhoo, the evening continued with D's performance in the TV themesong show at the cabaret theatre. His friend Christine put this sing along show together with all the great old TV themesongs from the 60's through the 80's--- the Facts of Life, the Brady Bunch, All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore, Wonderwoman....etc. This is the second time I've seen it and I couldn't help tapping my foot and singing along to some of the oldies but goodies.
This morning is a work morning while D is at a rehearsal for S'Carrie the musical, which I will see tonight. More on this later as it promises to be both funny and raunchy (according to D). I suddenly have a lot of work to do before my trip to Vermont. Thanks to Molly Jill and Jana for hooking me up with some projects!! It's funny how you can be going along hoping, wishing, praying that some money is going to come into your hands via artistic means and then suddenly, you're all booked up and busy...
I am very excited about this as I really want to expand my freelance skills and business and have even been seeing a counselor at the Small Business Association and writing a business plan. I am also getting SUPER excited about going to Vermont and creating artwork. My Mom told me the other day that my excitement is palpable. I can't remember the last time I was so enthused about something. It's gonna be SUPA!
Lata gators!