29 August 2006

Howl's Moving Castle & feeding the muse

Good Morning,
I'm thinking about changing the title of my blog. Any thoughts? I was leaning towards Paper Tiger.... we'll see about that.
Yesterday, I got to leave work early. Yay! Susannah and I went to rent some movies. I found Howl's Moving Castle, Everything is Illuminated, and a third about Israelis and Palestinians which I can't remember the title of. Also on my way home, I stopped at the art store. I love going up and down each aisle and looking at all the colors and papers and pens. It's a delight to the senses. I ended up buying origami paper and metallic paper, a new lightweight sketchbook with a ribbon tie, and a starter set of gouache paints.
I got home last night to an empty house as the other residents are on their boat trip up the Erie Canal. I love being home alone! I worked on my shovel for a while-- making letters out of the metallic paper and gluing them on the shovel part of the shovel. I had this sudden vision that I need some googly eyes to glue on too-- I don't know what that's all about. Anyhoo, I had a late dinner of leftover thai and a fruit smoothie with cantaloupe, blueberries and raspberries and I settled in to watch Howl's Moving Castle which is based on a book. This is a beautifully imagined and animated film. It's on par with The Triplets of Belleville-- another winner! Something I liked about Howl's Moving Castle, I couldn't identify the voices-- and when I saw the credits at the end, I thought wow. It really takes away from the movie when you see the actor or actress taking over the character. Howl is a real hottie! I liked that as Sophie ventured out of her shell more, the spell on her started to dimish little by little. I didn't like when Howl says "there's no point to living if I can't be beautiful"-- that was just a little ridiculous- but it's a Japanese fantasy so it sort of made sense at the same time. I loved the scenes of the castle and all the pieces breathing and moving as it walked along the wastes. It was quite magical. Just what I needed.
Today is my last day at the gallery for awhile-- I am so looking forward to some quiet contemplation and art making in the coming weeks. I plan to read a lot, walk outside, start practicing yoga, eat healthy, and spend lots of time making drawings, objects, collages, and photographs-- and whatever else occurs.
Be sure to feed your muse today!
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til next time!