09 August 2006

Last night, I woke up at 5AM and couldn't fall back to sleep-- so I wrote in one of my many journals. Boy, I do keep a lot of books going! I have a moleskine journal that I write in,

a small blank book that I keep inspiring quotes in, a large sketchbook/journal, a small one, and now-- since last week I decided to start an asthma diary to track my progress. Which is steadily improving. This morning I took a short walk down the street and then sat outside in the garden for a little while.
I am feeling very inspired to do creative things and I feel very in line with what I'm doing now-- which is something that has not come easily! It takes a medical emergency to really put things in perspective- and ground you.
Otherwise, I have to share this picture of my wrist-- which is not entirely acurate because I scanned it directly onto the flatbead- but I came home from the hospital with this bruise on my wrist that is literally purple --and it hurts!!

Be well! xxLauren