26 August 2006


Happy Monday and Greetings:

Please click here to see some pictures of my studio space. This is a great site for creatives of all types and is put together by an illustrator named Linzie Hunter.

After I took these pictures I realized that the feeling I've been having for a while now, that I have outgrown this space, has become a reality and I need to move into a different studio after I return from Vermont.
I have been grappling with this issue of 'feeding the muse' and sometimes not knowing how to seek out ways to feed her. I often feel like I gravitate back to the same books, places, pictures that have helped me in the past but I start to feel like I'm maxed out on those things-- I have recycled them too many times and need to look at something new. Does anyone else ever feel this way? I wonder how people who are always inspired by new and different things keep going-- Creativity is about constantly changing and experimenting right? Sometimes, I feel like my brain is stale.
I am in the mood to re-decorate my living space and make it more comfy and arty. I feel like this is part of the problem, maybe? Maybe I should start collecting art!

This past weekend was the Elmwood Festival of the Arts. Saturday, I worked. Sunday, Susannah and I strolled, and I needed some retail therapy because I was feeling blue. I bought a yummy smelling handmade bar of soap-- oatmeal, milk, and honey and I scored this awesome pair of earrings from wild things that are long pieces of abalone with a tiny blue green stone at the top. (I would include a picture but the camera is at home.) They remind me of spoons but they are smooths hunks. That would be a funny band name, the smooth hunks.

On my to do list:
finish painting my shovel
figure out how to spiff up my website
design a promo postcard
rent studio space in October and find two other artists to share!

Ciao people