15 August 2006

good things

This is a picture of what that cutie pie DL brought me from the beach. I love it! Today I am a happy happy camper. If there was a dance of joy, I would be doing it now! First, I accomplished all but one of the errands on my to do list today. I finally got to the gym this morning. I finally braved the mall to go to the mac store so that I could use the gift card I got for my birthday (a month and a half ago) to buy a mouse for my laptop and had enough left over to buy some fancy cleaning chamois and spray -- because I can't stand having a grimy computer! I ran around everywhere- to the photo lab, the bank, the cleaners, the post office. I bought myself lunch at the mall, and best of all I came home to find that the mailman delivered my USB cord for my new digital camera that I am now able to use-- and have been snapping pictures all round my garden and work space because I'm so excited!

I took a 20 minute power rest- although I didn't fall asleep and then specifically inspired by this, I went to Amvets in search of a sewing machine. Does anyone have a simple sewing machine I can buy or have?? No luck at Amvets, but I did find a pattern for a cute drawstring skirt in a box of old 80's sewing patterns, two small flower pots and a glass jar with drawings of peas on it that I can use for water and paintbrushes. I don't even know how to sew that well-- I mean I did a little sewing when i was in highschool but I really want to start making some skirts! Everytime I pass by Elmwood Fabrics, there is this adorable skirt in the window made out of this vibrant colored fabric -- it's calling my name, and when that happens, one must answer. It would be so satisfying to go in there, buy that piece of fabric and be able to make my own skirt.

Can I just say, the internet is crazy! Every time I venture out to look at something online, it completely amazes me. What I find amazes me, but then the suggestion of what I haven't seen but guess to be out there somewhere also astounds and amazes me. I stumbled upon this pretty cool animation/design/illustration website.

Otherwise, the rest of this week is all about appointments, painting my shovel for the Artspace groundbreaking, helping Jill Friday night and preparing for my trip to Vermont: countdown 2 weeks!!